Czech Cuisine

Eine kulinarische Reise

Are halušky and škubánky a mys­tery to you? Have you ever heard of lívance and vdolky? Then you’re on the right track with this culinary...


Prager Tagebuch

In this poetic diary, literary historian Peter Becher guides us through a Prague reality deeper than the touristy façade. This sensitive...


Gestern abend im Café

Kafkas versunkene Welt der Prager Kaffeehäuser und Nachtlokale

This lavish edition sweeps the reader into the lost world of old imperial Prague: it includes over a thousand historic photographs and...


Kindheit in Wien

Weltkriegs- und Nachkriegszeit aus Kindersicht

There are now fewer and fewer voices who can tell us about their childhoods in the 1940s and 1950s. Helmut Birkhan, long-serving medieval...

Peter Lange

Prag empfing uns als Verwandte

Die Familie Mann und die Tschechen

In December 1936, the Nazi state stripped Thomas Mann of his German citizenship. But this blow missed its mark – the Nobel laureate and most...


The Spanish Flu

Eine Geschichte der Pandemie von 1918

A hundred years ago, as the First World War came to an end after four brutal years, a lethal pandemic was gaining ground: the Spanish...

Paul Arndt


Tales and Legends of the Spirit of the Mountains

The bearded Rübezahl lives in the Riesengebirge, the Giant Mountains with their snow-capped peaks; here, his moods and whimsies are...


Prague Tales from the Little Quarter

Jan Neruda first unveiled his Prague Tales from the Little Quarter in 1878. These stories usher the reader back to the first half of the...


The Golem

Once a generation a psychic epidemic sweeps through the Jewish Town with lightning speed, gripping the souls of the living for some purpose...


Two Prague Stories

This book is sheer past. Homeland and childhood – both of them long remote – form its background. – Today I would not have written it this...


Fips’ Birthday

Eine Geschichte aus dem Goldenen Gässchen in Prag

The Golden Lane in Prague. In the past, its charming and colourful little houses were mainly inhabited by simple and poor people. For many...



Kafka’s little meditations form something previously unknown in German literature; I know no model.

Hans Kohn in Selbstwehr (Dec. 20, 1912)



Die Stadt der hundert Türme

Prague is known as the Rome of the North, Kafka’s city, and the City of a Hundred Spires. This illustrated guide features excellent...


Johann Strauss

Vater und Sohn in Wort und Bild

Popularly known as the Waltz Kings, Johann Strauss I and II shaped the musical fortunes of Austria for almost a century. The father brought...

Paul Wiegler


Sein Leben in Wort und Bild

Beethoven needs no introduction. There are already plenty of accounts of his life and work, and there will undoubtedly be no shortage of...



Ein Auto macht Geschichte

In one of the most fascinating technological success stories in the world, Škoda combines the traditions of a hundred-year-old motoring...


The Golden Lane

Museumsführer durch das Goldmachergäßchen

A museum guide to the Goldmakers’ Lane featuring rare images, background information and a wealth of details.

According to legend, the...


Kafkas Verwandlung


The illustrator has created a parody of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis in the style of the author’s own drawing “Man with Walking Stick”....